Pleasure to meet you!
I'm Anton, and I represent the boutique website development company.
Our team is ready to help your business get into a new level and increase your visibility by delivering cutting-edge design and convenient visual language.
Landing Page
A standalone web page with individual design, aiming at product (service, company) presentation or target advertising.
Prices starting at 1500 USD
A Multiple-page Website
A custom designed project based on a multi-level structure of interior pages. Corporate or information resources.
Prices starting at 2000 USD
E-Commerce Website
Online sale of services and goods. A result-oriented custom design, developed as matching to target audience. Product catalog, shopping cart, online order. All for the convenience in use and increase sales.
Prices starting at 3000 USD
Elements of corporate identity
Complex solutions. From a logo to a complete brand book. Design of the future site in Figma editor.
Prices starting at 1500 USD
Since childhood I had a dream to share my music with people, to awake interest in quality music. That's why I became a DJ and dedicated more than ten years of my life to it. Today the love of creativity and a sense of style are reflected in the company's products and projects, although the music is still playing loud.
My story
Our experience in IT is since 2015, and, as often happens, the first customers were friends and acquaintances. I am the founder of the company and I deal with project management. From the moment of acquaintance with a customer and up to the final project launch I work out the entire strategy of development process and bear responsibility to the client and colleagues.
In several years of business activity I had a long way to go, there were successes and failures in various areas of business. This experience allows to evaluate a product from the point of both the owner and the consumer, and gives insight to our customers' objectives and ways to embody their ideas.
Customer Perception
In 2016 I took a course at Yandex school of managers and decided to use the obtained knowledge and build up my own business team. The notions of team and teamwork are close to me since American football and basketball have firmly taken their place in my life. These hobbies undoubtedly have impact on business activities and everything I do.
My part
Team work
Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
Vince Lombardi
Our Team
Full-stack developer with more than 10 years experience in the field. Thinks in terms of design patterns and has an insight of how to develop a website which would suit the most daring layouts. His non-standard musical taste contributes to a coordinated team communication. Devotes his free time to a search of a perfect shot through the camera lens.
A talented designer with a portfolio of international projects. His character traits are ability to critical thinking and attention to detail. Understands the needs of the business. The most powerful skill is the ability to deliver high-quality product working to a very tight deadline. You should also turn to him for the most hilarious jokes.
From getting the first idea of the project and up to the moment of introducing it to the market, each of us is facing the question of how to increase the product visibility, making sure that a potential customer not only notices it, but also has a desire to purchase it.
We can help you gain a unique online identity for your business and increase your sales.
Our team of professionals will help you bring the most ambitious digital project to life, be it brand identity elements or E-Marketing.
Our happy clients serve as the proof of our competence, more than a hundred web design ideas have been implemented over the years of our work.
Applying cutting-edge methods and tools, we are always ready to provide you with an effective solution, because we know that high-quality ideas must be given an inspired realization.
Our Clients
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We believe that any work is to be based on friendly relations and positive emotions, so we continue to communicate with our clients after the project is delivered. We provide our customers with help and advise on how to maintain the site correctly, how to develop more effectively in digital environment.
Always in touch
Our team is ready to help your business get into a new level and increase your visibility by delivering cutting-edge design and convenient visual language.
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